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Web Design

Sure, you want a pretty website. But even more important is your users’ experience on your site. Great UX is all about understanding your users.

UX/UI Design

It's all about the user.

We are passionate about building websites that people love to use. We delight in the small details and use research, design trends, and wireframes to produce a final product that is guaranteed to keep your customers coming back for more.

UI and UX. What's the difference.

UX refers to user experience design while UI stands for user interface design. UX focuses on the experience users will have on your website. How easy will it be for them to accomplish their goals? A lot of research goes into discovering users’ pain points and how to solve them. UI takes all of UX’s research into account and focuses on the visual aspect of your users’ journey – how intuitive, interactive, and visually pleasing your site is. You can’t have one without the other. UX and UI make a happy marriage.

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IM TICKETS is a site that sells tickets to football games all over the world. Their previous site did not result in enough conversions – which was not surprising given its uninviting and messy design and look-and-feel. We built the website to have clean, user-friendly, and interactive options enabling customers to choose a seat in the stadium for any team, league, or stadium. We provide IM TICKETS with hosting and maintenance.